Equipment Capability

Equipment Capability

  • Leica Electronic Total Stations
  • Leica Precise Level
  • Leica GPS
  • High Definition Laser Scanner

Consultation &  Planning

Consultation and Planning

  • Property ownership and rights.
  • Subdivision of land (commercial, industrial, residential, rural).
  • Resource Consent and District Plan consultation.
  • Preparation of Subdivision and Land Use Consent applications.
  • Land development engineering design and supervision.


Surveying Services

  • Site Topographical surveys for architectural or engineering design.
  • Redefinition of legal boundaries.
  • Land Transfer surveys for Subdivisions, Unit Titles, Cross Leases, Freehold Conversions, Boundary Relocations, Covenants, Easements.
  • Maori land partitions
  • Vineyard set out
  • Marine/aquaculture licence areas
  • Construction set out, and as-‘builting’.
  • Building Set-out and certification.
  • Height to Boundary checks and certification.
  • Earthworks quantities.
  • GIS/asset capture.
  • High Definition Laser Scan surveys.
  • BOMA/PLIENZ Building Surveys.

Other expertise &  knowledge

Other Services

  • Low Impact Urban Design — environmentally friendly storm water solutions
  • Large scale sculpture set outs