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Drones transform industry

March 24, 2021 10:00am - Local Matters

The increasing use of drones across all kinds of industries means that taking the opportunity to learn to fly one could prove a valuable skill for a future career, according to survey manager Gabriel Hare of Buckton Consulting Surveyors, based in Warkworth.

For Buckton, a key benefit of using a drone is the ability to survey a potentially dangerous area without needing to physically access it – for example an operational quarry.

supported community projects 

Tomarata Primary School - Tomarata

Tomarata Primary School – Topographical survey & site plan for Ministry of Education.

Springboard Trust – Topographical survey & investigation of Sheepworld site.

Kowhai Festival – Prepare site maps & stall holder layout for organising committee.

Warkworth Primary School – Aerial photography & measurement for Community 5 class project.

Warkworth Museum Photographic Exhibition – Provide aerial images of Warkworth Township for the Captured: A photographic time capsule of Warkworth public exhibition.


Port Albert Hall – Provide aerial images, Title Documents and Survey records to help identify site boundaries.

Springboard - Warkworth
Warkworth Museum - Warkworth
Kowhai Festival - Warkworth
Port Albert Hall - Port Albert
Warkworth Primary School
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