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Aerial Survey


Whether you have a quarter-acre, or 1000 hectares, we can cover you from the air!


UAVs, or Drones, are rapidly changing the face of traditional surveys. Allowing us to access previously hard-to-reach places, most sites now have a solution for obtaining quality survey data in a timely fashion.


High-resolution cameras produce detailed site photography, which can be orthorectified - enabling integration with other property data – boundaries, easements etc. Photogrammetry software provides detailed site information, such as levels or point clouds, which let us measure volumes, create contours, and interrogate data quickly and easily.


A simple farm map, site features survey, paddock sizes survey, ecological areas survey and so on can be easily produced by our team, just by having the farm flown with the drone. Lidar and thermal imaging can also be used, depending on your site requirements.


Here at Buckton, we have a CAA qualified and tested survey drone programme, with Part 101 and 102 certifications, allowing the freedom to conduct aerial survey drone operations normally restricted from the general public in a safe and effective way.

Drone flying at the construction for aerial surveying

Solutions we offer:

Farm mapping

Topographical survey/point cloud capture

Orthorectified aerial photography

Remote inspection survey

Site video

3D render and 3D model outputs

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