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  • Site analysis and evaluation;

  • Assessment of development potential and planning restrictions;

  • Property ownership and rights assessment;

  • Working relationships with local Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Landscape Consultants, Ecologists, Architects, Valuers, Contractors and Solicitors; 

  • No-obligation fee assessment of project costs;


  • Land transfer surveys for:

    • Subdivisions;

    • Boundary Adjustments;

    • Cross Lease Amendments;

    • Easements;

    • Land Covenants;

    • Freehold Conversions;

    • Unit Titles;

  • Legalisation surveys;

  • Topographical site surveys for architectural or engineering design;

  • Redefinition of legal boundaries;

  • Construction/Earthworks set-out and As-built surveys;

  • Residential building set-out and Siting certification for Council;

  • Height to boundary (HIRB) checks and certification;

  • Farm Mapping;

  • Volume measurements;

  • Ortho-rectified aerial photography using UAV;

  • Marine/aquaculture licence areas;

  • Maori land partitions;

  • GIS/asset capture;

  • Subdivision scheme plan / conservation plan preparation;

  • Resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects;

  • Land use consent applications;

  • Land development -  Engineering design and Supervision;

  • Project management of resource consent process through to issue of titles;


Buckton Consulting Surveyors Ltd has performed a wide variety of surveying services since 1957. 


From small site surveys to large construction projects, we are a well established company that provides reliable service for all sizes of projects in the Rodney area.

Our knowledge, experience and technology are combined for the best serviceOur qualified surveyors are constantly striving to ensure the best results for our clients from consultation to surveying.

Our senior survey team includes Registered Professional Surveyors, Licenced Cadastral Surveyors and all are members of Survey and Spatial NZ. Our planners are members of the NZ Institute of Planners.

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