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Land Surveyors play a crucial role in accurately representing land and property boundaries, supporting various aspects of land development, construction, and legal processes. We work closely with government agencies, property developers, construction firms, and legal professionals. Buckton surveyors perform a range of tasks related to measuring and mapping land.

Boundary Surveys: Determining property boundaries, marking them, and preparing survey plans for legal documentation.


Topographic Surveys: Measuring and mapping the physical features of a piece of land, including natural and man-made features such as hills, rivers, buildings, and roads.


Cadastral Surveys: Managing and updating the official record of land ownership and boundaries.


Construction Surveys: Providing precise measurements and stakeouts for construction projects to ensure that buildings and infrastructure are located correctly.


Subdivision Surveys: Dividing larger parcels of land into smaller lots or sections for development or sale.

Engineering Surveys: Assisting in the design and construction of infrastructure projects, ensuring accurate measurements and alignments.


GPS Surveys: Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for accurate positioning and mapping.


Geodetic Surveys: Conducting surveys to establish a reference network of accurately measured points for broader geographic or national mapping purposes.


Monitoring Surveys: Observing and measuring changes in the landscape over time, such as ground movements, subsidence, or environmental changes.


Resource Consent Applications: Providing survey information required for obtaining legal approvals for land development projects.


Experts in field

Land Surveyors | Surveyors Warkworth

Buckton Surveyors and Planners have been providing comprehensive land surveying and planning services since 1960. We are proudly based in Warkworth and serve Kaipara and Auckland areas. 


Our role is pivotal in guaranteeing our clients the precise delineation of their land and property boundaries, offering crucial support across diverse realms of land development, construction, and legal procedures.

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Buckton's land surveying projects involve a range of experiences, tasks, and challenges that require the expertise of our surveying professionals. Land surveying projects demand a combination of technical expertise, attention to detail, and effective communication to successfully navigate the complexities of property delineation and mapping. Surveyors play a critical role in shaping the foundation for informed land use and development decisions.

Explore our selected projects across diverse surveying domains, including Commercial Subdivision, Orchard Surveying, Farm Maps, Bulk Earthworks, Aerial Monitoring, Council Infrastructure, Greenfield Development, Volume Survey, Wetland Subdivision, Bush Subdivision, and Civil Construction.