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Land Surveying


Land Surveying, often referred to as Cadastral Surveying, is a survey carried out relating to the establishment and documenting of property boundaries and easements, and other relevant details for the purposes of transferring property ownership, registering a new property, or simply locating existing boundaries or the boundary pegs which have been lost over time!


When a subdivision is involved, the formal Land Transfer Survey involves the accurate measurement and mapping of the land, identifying any encroachments or discrepancies on the existing title, and preparing official survey plans that can be submitted to Land Information New Zealand. This survey ensures clarity and certainty regarding property boundaries and interests registered on your title.


Land Surveying has come a long way since the early days of simple theodolites, steel chains, and a small army of helpers to clear a path through the bush. We now use satellite - GPS positioning, modern Total Stations, and in some cases, UAV (drone) to carry out this work – depending on the site in question.

GPS equipment for land surveying

Solutions we offer:


Boundary adjustments

Cross lease amendments or conversions to freehold

Creating new easements

Registering land covenants

Unit titles


We also provide cadastral surveying services for:

Legalisation surveys

Redefinition of legal boundaries

Māori land partitions

Marine/aquaculture license areas

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