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GIS Spatial System


What is GIS?  


GIS is a spatial system for mapping data. It enables the creation, management and analysis of spatial data in a user-friendly platform.


What Buckton does:


Whether you’re familiar with GIS and want to enhance an existing use or you are starting from scratch, we are here to take you on the GIS journey (and make it really simple!). We use the best in industry GIS tools and software to service your spatial data needs. 


We provide an array of GIS services, including: 


  • 2D and 3D Digital Maps: Farms, golf courses, subdivisions, construction sites and hazard maps.

  • GIS as built plans for 3-waters, utilities and park assets.

  • GIS trail mapping for walking, cycling and mountain bike trails.

  • Comprehensive GIS analysis, including coastal surveys and quarry volume surveys.

  • GIS data capture and asset management.

  • GIS dashboards and applications.

  • Support for ESRI ArcGIS integration into organisations.

Check out this video:

Land surveyors in a meeting discussing mapping data at Buckton's meeting room

Solutions we offer:

High detail 3D farm maps

Interactive as built datasets

Mountain bike trail maps

3D dataset showing volume calculations

GIS dataset management

ESRI ArcGIS support

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