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Construction Surveying


Buckton Surveyors and Planners carry out a wide range of high-quality construction surveying services to ensure your project runs smoothly.


At the beginning of a project, a topographical survey provides an accurate and detailed representation of the ground, including elevation, contours, existing structures and natural features. By providing a comprehensive understanding of the site's characteristics, you will improve decision-making, reduce risks, and facilitate efficient project planning and design.

​As construction progresses, we can ensure earthworks proceed efficiently through real-time setout of design features and provide accurate positioning and alignment of buildings, roads, structures and underground services relative to the property boundaries.


As-built surveys to obtain Council signoffs are also regularly completed by our team.

Construction surveying plan

Solutions we offer:

Topographical surveys for architectural or engineering design

Confirming the correct location of legal boundaries

Construction/earthworks set-out 

Volume measurements

As built surveys

Residential building set-out and siting certification for Council

Height to boundary (HIRB) checks and certification

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