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Buckton Consulting Surveyors | Registered Surveyor | Licensed Cadastral Surveyor - Tony Hayman

Tony Hayman is a member of Survey and Spatial NZ, and the Consulting Surveyors of NZ. 

He is a Registered Professional Surveyor, and a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Tony Hayman
S+SNZ, B Surv

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Registered Professional Surveyor


021 745 689

Jo Hopkins is a member of Survey and Spatial NZ, and the Consulting Surveyors of NZ. 

A former Mahurangi College student, he graduated from the University of Otago in 2008 with a Bachelor of Surveying (distinction), and he is a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Jo Hopkins

S+SNZ, B Surv
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor


 022 411 3693


Registered surveyor | Land surveyor | Jo Hopkins
Buckton Consulting Surveyors | Licensed Cadastral Surveyor - Daniel Chapman

Daniel Chapman

S+SNZ, B Surv
Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Survey Manager


Gabriel Hare

N. Dip. Surveying

Survey Manager


Buckton Consulting Surveyors | Registered Surveyor | Survey Technician - Gabriel Hare
Buckton Consulting Surveyors | Administration Manager in Warkworth- Kim Jones

Kim Jones

Administration Manager


09 425 8950

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General enquiries


P   09 425 8950

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