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Orchard Surveying


Buckton Surveyors and Planners have a longstanding involvement with local orchard surveying, from setting out thousands of posts for wineries to adjusting boundaries on mandarin orchards.


We are very proud to have been involved with a large avocado orchard at Tapora Peninsula since the project began. We provide:

  • Topographical surveying.

  • UAV flights.

  • Bulk earthworks set out and as built surveys.

  • Detailed orchard maps including tree counts, and canopy areas.

  • GIS data management.

  • Preparing resource consent applications with Council.

  • Boundary definition.


It’s exciting to see our natural resources being put to use in this way and we are very fortunate to be one of the pieces to the puzzle.

Buckton's project - Orchard surveying site
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