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Surveyors Health and Safety

Upskilling our workers with Traffic Safety Training

At Buckton Surveyors and Planners, we take health and safety at our workplace seriously - for our employees, our clients and the public. Our team members have recently attended Traffic Management training courses at Parallaxx to further improve our quest for a harm-free working environment and attain Traffic Inspector qualifications.

Traffic Safety Training

Our staff members donned their hi-vis and headed to the big city for a day's informative and enjoyable training. Fieldwork often finds our survey technicians in a roadside environment, and it's with pride that we can say the required inspections are carried out and a TMP implemented by capable and certified surveyors.

Buckton at the Traffic Safety Training

Health and Safety big thick to Buckton Surveyors and Planners

Our magnetic "Surveying" signs got a big tick from Parallaxx during the practical assessments. They stand out and they're practical for the guys to use.

Always striving for the safest possible working environment for our crew, clients and the general public, we will continue to work towards improving our practices, education and qualifications for the benefit of all.

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